About Loved Homes

We are a premier Austin, TX based Real Estate solutions company that is passionate about bringing love and restoration back to real estate.  We know what it takes to make a House a Home, and take pride in doing what we can to bring quality Homes to those who will love them, once again.

At Loved Homes we are a family that loves what we do and we strive to not only restore and build loved homes, but also help others find solutions to their Real Estate needs.  We have a vast affiliation network of resources and people to help make those solutions a reality, so we look forward to doing what we can to help solve your problem!

“Find your House a good Home”

We are always looking for people interested in selling their older, once-loved homes. Outdated, broken, worn down, burnt, moldy, crooked, cracked… we are more than happy to pay cash for houses in ANY condition. Super ugly?  No problem, it just makes the transformation all that more astonishing and heartwarming!  Pretty house?  We buy those, too!

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Unfortunate life events leaving you facing potential foreclosure, or other financial woes?  We can certainly help there, as well.  We know how to work with banks to negotiate sales, even Short Sales, to purchase and rescue houses before they go under, and rescue your credit from certain doom.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Loved Homes, check our Portfolio!

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Our Team

Dimitri Hammond


Loved Homes, officially Your Loved Home Solutions, Inc., was founded in 2014 by Dimitri Hammond, a native Austinite. Dimitri took his management and problem solving experience from 10 years in the software industry and melded it with his passion for the beautiful homes and rich culture entrenched within his hometown. After two small software startups, he has set his sights on a more meaningful future. He takes pride in his contributions to keeping Austin's culture, and its old homes, alive and thriving!

Email: dimitri@lovedhomes.com

Kyle Christian


Kyle Christian has cultivated a lifestyle based in discipline, dedication and hard work. Kyle is known for his ability to initiate relationships within his ever-expanding community, as he is constantly thinking outside the box to find the most mutually beneficial outcome for everyone he encounters. With a background steeped in real estate market analysis, hard money lending and networking alongside his passion for helping others, he is a key asset to our organization.

Email: kyle@lovedhomes.com

Rob Hammond


Loved Homes is thrilled having Rob Hammond, Dimitri's father, as a member of our team. He left his previous family business of Hammond Fireplace and Chimney Service to work for Loved Homes full-time. He ensures that the rehabilitation life cycle of our homes moves as fluidly and smoothly as possible and also manages all of the warranties for Loved Homes-- a role that we would be very lost without! His passion for helping others and also for building strong, soulful, lovely homes makes him an excellent addition to the team!

Email: rob@lovedhomes.com

Brie Jones


Loved Homes is extremely fortunate to have Brie Jones as a part of the family. Her attention to detail and killer organizational skills, coupled with her unbridled passion to helping others succeed makes her a truly invaluable resource for us. She takes great pride in her ability to manage scheduling and build business relationships within the community, bringing to the table her keen ability to help operations run smoothly behind the scenes. She is the glue that melds us all together.

Email: brie@lovedhomes.com